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Virginia's Finest Logo A Thyme To Plant at Lavender Fields Farm
Stan and Nicole Schermerthorn
Nicole Schermerhorn
11300 Winfrey Road
Glen Allen  VA 23059
804 262-7167

Fax: 804 262-3347

Email: admin@athymetoplant.com; sales@athymetoplant.com

Email 2: shaun@lavenderfieldsfarm.com

Product(s): USDA Certified Organic herb and vegetable plants. Over 200 varieties of potted plants. We wholesale to grocery stores, garden centers and farm stands. Local honey: 8oz, 1lb and 2lb raw local honey sold at the farm. See the website for more details as well as lunch, afternoon tea, tours and classes available all by reservation.

Brand Name(s): A Thyme to Plant Herb Farm.


Virginia's Finest Logo Boston Spice and Tea Company
Greaner and Joann Neal
12207 Obannons Mill Road
Boston  VA 22713
540 547-3907

Fax: 540 547-3656

Email: bstcoinfo@gmail.com

Product(s): Herbal specialty food products including flavored wine vinegars, spice blends for butters, dips, etc. Corned beef spice, mulling spice. Teas. Sherry pepper hot sauce. Bean soup mixes.

Brand Name(s): O'Bannon's Mill Herbal Products, Logyn's Garden Soups, Stews and Sauces, Boston Spice and Tea Company.

R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Endless Summer Harvest, LLC
Mary Ellen Taylor
36474 Osburn Road
Purcellville  VA 20132
540 751-0900

Email: info@esharvest.com

Product(s): Gourmet lettuces, specialty salad greens and culinary herbs.

Brand Name(s): Endless Summer Harvest.

R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Full Moon Farm LLC
Michael Frank
13632 Major Brown Drive
Sperryville  VA 22740
540 547-3639

Email: info@fullmoonfarm.net

Product(s): Full Moon Farm is Certified Organic and all products are produced and processed on the farm. Certified organic culinary, food grade essential oils and culinary finishing sprays (hydrosols). Dried culinary herbs and a wide variety of potted culinary plants. Oils, hydrosols and dried herbs include - sweet basil, dill, oregano, thyme, parsley, rosemary, tarragon, lemon grass, lavender, sage, lemon balm and a variety of mints.


Virginia's Finest Logo Keep It Simple Syrup produced by Chef Sous LLC
Susan Martinson
4860 Cox Road, Suite 200
Glen Allen  VA 23060
888 949-5477

Fax: 866 538-9079

Email: kiss@keepitsimplesyrup.com

Email 2: susan@chefsous.com

Product(s): Keep It Simple Syrup - aka KISS: 100% natural simple syrup in five delicious flavor varieties: Cinnamon, Ginger, Lemon Zest, Spearmint, and Classic Sugar Cane. We extract natural flavors, essential oils, and fragrant aromas by steeping organic, OU kosher certified botanicals in a base of simple syrup, made from the highest quality pure cane sugar. No artificial additives. Make high-end cocktails easy! Use in hot/cold beverages, savory dishes and desserts, too.

Brand Name(s): Keep It Simple Syrup? and kiss? are federally registered trademarks of Chef Sous LLC.

MO, W, R, FS

Virginia's Finest Logo LilyHemp
Susan Cromer
16 W Church Avenue SW
Roanoke  VA 24014
540 237-1878

Email: susan@lilyhemp.com

Product(s): Hemp Hearts, Seeds, Protein and Hemp Seed Oil; Organic, grown in the USA from Hemp Seeds.

Brand Name(s): LilyHemp

Virginia's Finest Logo Linda's Garden
Linda T. Xenakis
1436 Campbells Landing Road
Virginia Beach  VA 23457
757 426-6488

Fax: 757 271-6480

Email: linda@lindasgarden.com

Product(s): All Natural Culinary Herb Blends: Basil-Garlic, Cajun, Chipotle, Dill, Garlic, Habañero, Horseradish, Italian, Jalapeño, Lemon-Basil, Onion, Spicy Veggie, Tarragon, Tomato Basil and Veggie. Herb Vinegars: Purple Basil-Garlic, Lemon, Rosemary, Rosemary Hot Pepper, Tarragon and Cilantro-Habañero.

Brand Name(s): Linda's Garden.

MO, W, R

Virginia's Finest Logo Lowelands Farm
Karen and Richard Lowe
21344 Steptoe Hill Road
Middleburg  VA 20117
540 687-6923

Fax: 540 687-6711

Email: lowelandfarm@aol.com

Product(s): Choose-and-cut Norway spruce, white spruce, Colorado blue spruce, Douglas fir, Concolor fir, 6-8 ft. Freshly cut Fraser fir, 6-12 ft. Gift shop with Christmas wreaths (freshly made on our farm), pine roping, unique handmade tree ornaments, beeswax candles, tree stands, and Lowelands Farm Fine Foods.Herbal wine vinegars and fruited wine vinegars; herbed, fruited and spiced honeys. Beeswax candles, Savory Sauce, herbal Worcestershire, Sizzling Sherry, mulling spices, seasonings. Gift baskets also available.

Brand Name(s): Lowelands Farm Fine Foods, Hunt Country Mercantile.

MO, R, W, AT

Virginia's Finest Logo Mi Ladys Designs
Michelle Clay
21 Union Camp Drive
Stafford  VA 22554
540 659-3274

Email: miladysdesign@aol.com

Product(s): Herb dip mixes, made with fresh herbs.

Brand Name(s): Mi Ladys Designs.

MO, R, W

Virginia's Finest Logo Oakhill Greenhouses
John Oakes
6856 Kemper Lane
Port Republic  VA 24471
540 249-5096

Email: oakesjohnw@gmail.com

Product(s): Dried herbs- basil, thyme, sage, oregano rosemary, tarragon, parsley, savory, lemon balm, chives, lemon grass, marjoram and a variety of herb blends

Brand Name(s): Oakhill Greenhouses.

R, W

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